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Las Vegas CPR Class and Certification

Xeration Services offers CPR classes that take a few short hours and teach skills that can make a difference to someone in need.

CPR First Aid & AED Training

Whether you're a medical expert or just someone looking to be prepared for an emergency, Xeration Services CPR certification courses offer the perfect solution. Our easy-to-access in-person and online classes provide best-in class Simulation Learning opportunities that can equip anyone with the key lifesaving skills necessary to make an impact during a crisis - all in only a few short hours.

Get Certified For $35

Paramedic in Uniform


Our experienced instructors offer the perfect balance of instruction and practice. Our in-person courses combine theory with tangible skills - allowing you to develop your craft while getting helpful feedback from our knowledgeable team. Ideal for those interested in taking their learning offline, these classes create a safe space to ask questions, discuss ideas and hone new techniques.


All the following topics are covered for our CPR/AED and First Aid Certification.

Playing on the Beach
Adult, Child & Infant CPR

Responsive & Unresponsive CPR Training

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AED Training

Automated External Defribrillator

First Aid box on pink BG
First Aid

Control bleeding, poison control, and shock management

Choking & Blood Borne

Learn how to properly perform the Heimlich 


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